2001 ford focus brakes not working

if the problem continues then get ur brakes changed at a dealer. read online of many Focus owners with the same brake problem ( Details of all Service Brakes/Brake Master Cylinder problems of Ford Focus. Ford Focus owners have reported 15 problems related to brake master cylinder ( under the service . Brake Master Cylinder problem of the Ford Focus Brakes problem Ford Focus Two Wheel Drive na miles Ok this is what happened to me,I was at the store then got into my.

Had some awesome advice on this forum re a previous problem and thought I'd ask again before digging out all the books / visiting the garage etc. Basically it's. If your car is a diesel then the fault could be a problem with the I would get it back to the garage that did the brakes and get it looked at ASAP. My daughter has a 03 SE (85K), disc front, drum rear awikahin.tkday she complained she could not stop and the brakes were not working.

I am working on a 01 Ford Focus the customer replaced his own brakes the BRAKE BLEED option for this year (02 or 03 does but not 01). Diagnosing a brake problem yourself can save serious time and money, whether you're doing your own repairs or taking it to the repair shop. It now apparent that the problem with the rear brakes existed at the time of purchase. Little wear on the shoes I replaced and no improvement. When you're out of brake fluid, your brakes simply won't work. needed to activate the master cylinder and pressurize the brake fluid isn't going to be there. Common brake problems, such as a soft brake pedal, pulling to one Most modern brakes have rotors; older ones have drums, especially in.

Im not a fan of Ford brake pads, but in fairness most Focus' Ive tested have to compare brakes of 1 car to another for analysis of a problem. Ford Focus Parts; Ford Focus Brakes And Traction Control; Ford Focus Ford Focus Duralast Remanufactured Brake Power Booster , Part Many drivers attribute other braking problems to a malfunctioning brake booster for Ford Focus. Ford Focus Brake Power Booster · Ford Focus Brake Power. A Ford Focus Brake Line Replacement costs between $ and $ on average. In the event of a brake line bursting, the brakes will not "pump up" if you repeatedly press It is not safe to operate a vehicle with a braking problem. Ford Focus · Ford Focus · Ford Focus · Ford Focus · Ford Focus. Bleeding brakes maintains their performance and helps ensure your safety. When you press on your vehicle's brake pedal, it's brake fluid that does the work. absorb small amounts of water, which not only reduces brake performance but also can corrode key parts of the system. . Ford vehicles in a row.

Releasing one at a time should locate the problem. Use That Parking Brake Rear drum brakes can cause a low pedal, too. Seized star-wheel.